2018 Child Protection Summit: Master Trust: Managing This Resource to Provide the Greatest Benefit for Children in Care

Deborah Schroth, ESQ, BCS - Partnership for Strong Families, Inc.

September 6, 2018

Training Description

Master Trust can seem like a paper-work requirement, removed from the everyday tasks of ensuring the welfare of our children. This workshop will demonstrate, through multiple case work scenarios, how the children's money can be used to enhance their well-being. Master Trust can be used as a supplemental resource to ensure our children have what they need, when no other source is able to provide for those needs. These needs can be quite basic (e.g. an upgrade to a better wheelchair), or provide for a needed therapy that Medicaid does not cover. These funds can be used to enhance a child's situation, by providing things that meet the child's interest and entice the child to do well in school, for example, like art or music lessons, or perhaps cosmetic braces or contact lenses to boost confidence. This workshop will demonstrate by example how to meet legal requirements and address which legal forums are available to ensure Master Trust is used for our children's well-being.