2018 Child Protection Summit: Who Puts the Quality in Quality Contacts? You Do!

Kimberly Harvey - Trainer, Big Bend Community-Based Care, Inc. | Nereida Warriner - Professional Development Specialist, Florida Department of Children and Families

September 5, 2018

Training Description

In 2016, the Department and Community-Based Care agencies conducted the third round of the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR). As a result of the CFSR, several areas in Florida's Child Welfare System were identified as needing improvement to strengthen outcomes related to safety, permanency, and well-being. One of these identified areas needing improvement was family engagement. Strong engagement with the family, and all case participants, is embedded in having quality purposeful contacts with all case participants. Not only are quality contacts important for the CFSR, but the information collected during those contacts is integral in the development of the family functioning assessment (investigations and ongoing), progress update, and safety management. This workshop will explore key elements of qualitative contacts with a focus on information collection. The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen family engagement skills and information collection for progress updates and improve outcomes for future CFSR's.