2018 Child Protection Summit: Rising Above Resistance: Engaging Defiance in Youth & Families Training Video

Kimberly Lincoln, LMHC - Program Manager, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

September 7, 2018

Video #1 | Video #2

Quiz link will be available here at the end of the training for the states/counties below:

California Cuyahoga County (OH) Florida (Child Welfare Professional)
Nevada Florida (Foster Parent)

Training Description

There is a movement beginning in Florida to work with youth who are involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice system. Within this population, there appears to be a common diagnosis of disruptive behavior disorders. This workshop will address how to engage the youth who have been diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorders and how to engage parents who have given up on the idea that anything can change. The families of these youth are often as defiant toward treatment methods as the youth are toward rules and regulations. The key to helping with these families is engaging them and building rapport as a bridge to them receiving a level of services they have not yet experienced.

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