2019 Child Protection Summit: Chess vs Checkers: Which Game Will You Choose?

Alger Studstill - Family Safety Program Manager, Florida Department of Children and Families

December 17, 2019

Training Description

Chess and checkers have become household activities enjoyed by many as hobbies; however, these games are also very serious, as there are tournaments that take place around the world for each of them. As leaders in child welfare there is always a decision to be made, and with the right strategies in place those decisions can have a positive impact on a family's life and on the organization; however, the opposite is also true if a bad decision is made. This workshop will explore unique leadership styles and strategies through the games of chess and checkers. Leaders will be challenged to understand their role, but also to make a wise decision as to which game they will play when they show up as a leader every day. These core leadership principles will build the skills of any new leader, encourage the mid-level leader, and even challenge the senior leader to play the game of chess or checkers.