2019 Child Protection Summit: Children's Crisis Stabilization Units, Criteria, Alternatives & Community Resources

Caree Jewell, LMHC - Senior Director, Acute Care Services

December 17, 2019

Training Description

Admission to a Children's Crisis Stabilization Unit (CCSU) is the most restrictive level of care and intervention available in our community. While this level of intervention is life-saving, it is critical for everyone working with minors to understand the process and potential impact. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of when this level of intervention is appropriate, the scope and goal of services in a CCSU, and the need for follow-up care. In small groups, we will also explore the alternatives to involuntary commitment available to youth in your geographic areas and follow-up services. To aid in our discussion, a You-Tube video of a youth's firsthand experience being Baker Acted will be shown. This session is perfect for those on the front lines, making decisions and directing families and supervisors who want to understand the scope of a CCSU.