2019 Child Protection Summit: Background Screening Ins and Outs

Sherry Smyly Pappas- Director of DCF Background Screening, Florida Department of Children and Families | RaeJohné Peterson - Senior Operations Manager, Florida Abuse Hotline

December 18, 2019

Training Description

What do you know about the background screening process? Beyond asking an individual to be fingerprinted for background screening purpose, do you understand the screening process? Background screening is an important part of the child welfare system of care and helps to ensure a child's safety. In this workshop, presenters will provide guidance on the backround screening process for those required to conduct screenings for child welfare purposes. The attendees will gain an understanding of several areas of background screening, including Level 1 name-based screening versus Level 2 fingerprint-based screening, Chapter 435 exemptions for disqualification, child abuse history, and use of the clearinghouse, which is operated by the Agency of Health Care Administration.