2019 Child Protection Summit: Florida Youth SHINE: Youth Have the Right to NOT Remain Silent! Knowing Our Rights is Important

Anna Zhang - Florida Youth SHINE | Heather Cox Rosenberg - Children's Ombudsman, Florida Department of Children and Families

December 17, 2019

Training Description

Florida Youth SHINE, an organization of current and former foster youth, will provide participants with tools and strategies to help adults educate and empower young people to know their rights and become better self-advocates.

Having knowledge is power, and our youth deserve all the power and knowledge needed to be successful. Florida has great resources and laws to help foster youth. However, many of these youth are uninformed about their rights and privileges under the law. In this workshop, attendees will learn the important laws affecting the lives of children in care, how to empower youth, and educate them on the law. They will learn from the voice of the youth why it is important for children to learn their rights in ways that are age-appropriate and easily understandable. Youth will also share how having this knowledge can help them become empowered to navigate the system and advocate for their success.