2019 Child Protection Summit: Moving from Domestic Violence Destructive Language to Domestic Violence Proficient

Angie Pye - CEO, Beacon Center | Amanda Riyad - Parent Attorney, Beacon Center

December 17, 2019

Training Description

Imagine this scenario: an Intake Report is generated alleging Family Violence Threatens Child. The CPI makes contact with the family. The mother is a domestic violence survivor. The children have been exposed to the domestic violence. The mother is cooperative and willing to engage in services; the father is not. The Department decides to do a one parent removal. The Shelter Petition says things like "the parents engage in domestic violence in front of the children" and the FFA says things like "the mother has failed to protect the children from harm" and "the mother has a long history of being a domestic violence victim." The mother gets defensive with case management, and the Department now views the mother as uncooperative. This workshop looks at petition, FFA, case plan, and JRSSR writing to show how using destructive language discourages family cooperation, ways to fix that, and how including a parent attorney and CPI advocate early encourages parent cooperation.