2019 Child Protection Summit: Quality Contacts: How Does Quality Contact Impact Safety, Well-Being, and Permanency?

Atarri Hall, MASS - Child Safety Specialist, Florida Department of Children and Families | Jessica Carter, MS - Learning and Development Facilitator, University of South Florida | Monique McCaskill, MS - In-Home Care Specialist, Florida Department of Children and Families

December 17, 2019

Training Description

Conducting quality home visits and purposeful contacts can be challenging with all the demands and stressors placed on the child welfare professionals. Have you ever left a home visit and thought, "I missed something" or "I wish I had more time with that family"? Child welfare professionals (Child Protective Investigators and Dependency Case Managers) complete contacts as per Florida Statues and operating procedures, however, the visits are not of consistent quality. The frequency and quality of visits should be sufficient to ensure the safety, permanency, and well being of the children and promote the achievement of case goals. Engagement should occur with mothers, fathers, and caregivers to identify strengths, needs, and appropriate service providers, and establish goals and ongoing processes toward their goal.This training discusses how we can complete purposeful home visits and additional contacts that include accurate assessment of the family, ensuring safety is our top priority, and giving ourselves credit for our work through detailed documentation.