2019 Child Protection Summit: Safety Planning Analysis and Conditions for Return: The Same But Different

Tarrin Reed - Senior Project Director, Action for Child Protection | Todd Darling - Staff Director, Action for Child Protection

December 17, 2019

Training Description

The concept of safety planning is critical for making certain that safety plans can sufficiently control for danger to ensure child safety. How do child welfare professionals determine the least intrusive, most appropriate safety plan for children and families? How doe child welfare professionals determine when an out-of-home safety plan is no longer necessary? The safety planning analysis guides the child welfare professional through critical analysis of case information, family conditions, and community supports to determine the most appropriate, least intrusive safety plan and assists the child welfare professional in developing conditions for return when out-of-home safety plans are created. This workshop will provide an overview of the safety planning analysis and guide participants through the development of conditions for return based upon the safety planning analysis