Using Early Childhood Court Recidivism Protocols to Promote Sustained Permanency for Young Children

Judge Alicia Latimore - Ninth Judicial Circuit; Early Childhood Court | Kimberly Renk - University of Central Florida | Leigh Merritt - OSCA

September 1, 2020

Training Description

Customarily, reunification after the successful completion of a case plan is seen as an end to the trauma and uncertainty experienced by children and families touched by the dependency court system. When a child is reremoved after reunification, the original family trauma is revisited, especially when the family returns to previously problematic patterns. To support successful permanency and to prevent future re-removals, the newly developed Early Childhood Court Recidivism Protocols are used to uncover “red flags” and provide a mechanism for reviewing and analyzing re-removals. Such analysis allows us, as a court system, to understand causes and learn from these re-removal experiences. This workshop will guide participants through the development of the recidivism protocols and their use when a re-removal has occurred. Participants also will be provided with a step-by-step guide to promoting sustained permanency. This workshop was approved by the Dependency Court Improvement Panel.