Keeping Up with the Judges: What You Need to Know About Child Development to Support Best Decisions

Jamie Averett - Youth Law Center | Carol Edwards - Florida State University, School of Social Work

September 02, 2020

Training Description

National best practice has called for dependency judges to reach beyond the law and to become more knowledgeable about psychosocial and child development principles, and how an increased understanding of those principles supports better decision-making for children and families. As the demands for judicial awareness increase, judicial perspective and expectations will surely follow. Keep up with the judges, and join with us as we highlight evidence-based psychosocial and child development principles, which are critical in making decisions to best support children and families. Explore how decisions are interrelated and often impact multiple people and factors in the lives of children and families. Learn how to more effectively use evidence-based principles to guide day-to-day decision-making processes in a manner that supports and does not harm children, and receive practical tips on how to better meet judicial expectations and enhance overall outcomes for children and families.