Making Permanency Permanent: Dependency Drug Court is for the Whole Family

Adrienne Miller - Office of the State Courts Administrator | Brittany Peters - Center for Wellness & Clinical Development, LLC

September 2, 2020

Training Description

Problem-solving courts provide individualized interventions for justice system participants. Dependency drug courts (DDCs) are a type of problem-solving court recognized as an evidence-based program by the National Institute of Justice. DDCs place an emphasis on frequent judicial oversight, care coordination, and expedited treatment services. Research suggests DDCs are effective at increasing treatment engagement and completion for parents, decreasing time in out-of-home care for children, and decreasing reoccurring maltreatment. This program is unique in that it focuses on the needs of the entire family that is affected by substance use, which further promotes lasting permanency.
This workshop will highlight the research around the efficacy of DDCs, evidence-based clinical interventions shown to be effective within DDCs, and the key components to successful implementation and utilization of this program per the national standards and Florida’s best practice standards.