Attorneys Make a Difference! High-Quality Advocacy Prevents Removals & Promotes Positive Outcomes

Allison Green - National Association of Counsel for Children | Robin Rosenberg - Florida’s Children First | April Rolle - Heartland for Children

September 1, 2020

Training Description

High-quality legal representation for children and families is in the national spotlight, and for good reason: policymakers are finally recognizing that investing in zealous lawyering is an incredibly effective way to prevent foster care entry and expedite positive outcomes. This session will provide an overview of the recent U.S. Children’s Bureau policy change allowing jurisdictions to use federal funds to support high-quality legal representation for children and parents. Presenters will delve into the body of research supporting this historic shift and the mechanics of reimbursement already underway in other states. Attendees will also discuss the elements of truly “high-quality” legal representation and review standards of practice that can be elevated through this new opportunity.