Are We Judging or Serving? Moving from Diversity to Justice!

Crystal Morris MS - Chief Executive Officer, One Caring Adult Inc. | Jeffrey Shearer - Tykes & Teens, Inc.

September 02, 2020

Training Description

Our exposure to a group shapes the perceptions we have, and if we aren’t careful, they will result in unintentional discrimination or the omission of groups from consideration. Implicit bias is unconscious and pervasive. We all have it. But as service providers, how many of us reflect on our thoughts and attitudes towards our clients? Having an implicit bias does not make you a bad person. This conversation isn’t to out “isms” and “ists.” It’s to begin the conversation about how we can move beyond being trauma informed to healing centered. Biases can limit our abilities to see strengths, discourage growth, and result in marginalizing groups with low expectations. As a result, they need to be identified and addressed with intentionality. This training’s primary objective is to motivate providers to see alternative perspective to help their families thrive in ways they never imagined.