Psychotropic Medications 201: In-Depth Psychopharmocology for Those in the Child Welfare System

Kristopher Kaliebe - University of South Florida | Catarolyn Johnson, Department of Child and Family Studies, University of South Florida

September 03, 2020

Training Description

Children in the child welfare system are prescribed psychotropic medications at rates much higher than the general public. Thus, those who interact with these children need an understanding of how these medications should be used, the characteristics of different types of medications, and the potential risks and benefits of medication treatment. Psychiatrist Kristopher Kaliebe reviews classes of medications, common indications for medications, evidence of effectiveness, and rationales for combining medication. He also reviews adjuvants to treatment including nutritional supplements. Catarolyn M. Glenn, MA, Learning & Development Facilitator at the Center for Child Welfare of the University of South Florida incorporates case work examples of problems related to psychotropic medication, and success stories from her experience in working with children in the dependency system.