Running Better VIRTUAL Staff and Team Meetings

Randall Dean - Randall Dean Consulting & Training, LLC

September 2, 2020

Training Description

With the coronavirus outbreak this year, professionals, leaders, supervisors, and field staff all have been challenged to use online meetings more effectively. In this session, Randy Dean, MBA, The E-mail Sanity Expert ®, will provide tips, techniques, and strategies for running more effective virtual staff and team meetings. Not only will he provide content from his popular regular staff and team meetings program, but he’ll also integrate suggestions for making sure your virtual team meetings are also more effective and productive for all attendees. We’ll discuss a few different types of online meetings, how to set up so your meetings go smoothly, tech tips including suggestions for several platforms including Zoom, Teams, and GoToMeetings, and more. Make sure your time spent in your online meetings with your team members is as effective and productive as possible.