It Takes A Village. The Gate Keepers Code: Responding to Sexual Crimes Against Children

Jessica White, MS - Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Child Protection Agency LLC.

September 2, 2020

Training Description

A village is a form of community, a group of individuals with designated responsibilities working together for the greater good of its people. As working members protecting the rights of children within the social justice and child welfare systems, we all share the role of ‘the gatekeeper.’ After learning of a sexual offense against a child, we must understand how to use the gatekeeper’s code when working with the child victims and families to help promote a safe environment and initiate the healing process during the case commencement and first response to prevent further trauma. A gatekeeper’s first impression when interacting with a victim is vital. Every word that is spoken, and each gesture made while gathering information from a child victim can build or dismantle a case, negatively impacting how the victim responds to other working members in the villages. During this interactive workshop, participants will leverage new ideas with uniquely designed case studies, evidence-based.