House of Horrors: How the Tactics of Batterers Harm Children and the Ways We Can Help

Karen Williams - Hubbard House, Inc. Domestic Violence Center

September 01, 2020

Training Description

Batterers use tactics to impact a child’s belief system. These tactics include, but are not limited to, using violence as a justified method to impose one’s will or resolve conflict, blaming others like the non-offending parent for the violence in the home, and instilling the belief that anger causes violence. This training familiarizes the child welfare system, judicial system, and community service providers on how the tactics of a batterer impacts the health and safety of children and their families experiencing intimate partner violence in their homes. This training addresses how batterers’ tactics harm children, how unintentional and intentional colluding with batterers impact the child and non-offending parents’ safety, and what best practices are for supporting children and the non-offending parents while holding batterers accountable for the violence in the home.