So, You’re a “Trauma Informed” Attorney - Now What?

Eva Sugg - Guardian ad Litem Program | Brianna Apostolopoulos - Guardian ad Litem Program

September 3, 2020

Training Description

The practical applications of working as a trauma-informed practitioner, using collaborative efforts inside and outside of the courtroom, allows relationships built on trust to be developed. This aids not only legal effectiveness, but also healing for our children and families. By attending this seminar, the participant will learn how to champion traumainformed legal advocacy through the use of collaboration. The presentation will first review basic principles of trauma. We will then help attendees to identify common scenarios and developments in child welfare cases that may not have obvious trauma implications, but which should be approached in a trauma-informed way. This in turn will allow attendees to learn legal strategies for addressing trauma and avoiding re-traumatization by collaborating as a team, whether within your organization or through community partnerships. Attendees will also understand the benefits of trauma-informed practice from the perspective of a former foster youth.