What Did He Say? I Need Help with the Translation

Jackie Sandefer-Gonsen - Department of Health

September 02, 2020

Training Description

Preschoolers and adults don’t speak the same language. It’s hard to engage preschoolers, keep their attention span, and get accurate information from them, but it can be done! They think interviews with adults are just too boring. When talking to preschoolers, adults need to break it up and add a little jazz, while being careful with not having too much jazz. Children as young as two years old can tell what they know if asked the right questions in the right way. Preschoolers can tell adults what they know, but they can’t tell them what they don’t know, and it is the role of the adult to figure out what kids do know and what they can tell. This workshop gives adults helpful tips in getting and keeping their attention and getting the most accurate information as possible from them, specifically with tough topics like abuse and neglect.